Fantasy Story

I love creating things, especially my own fantasy story. I have a fantasy based off of one of my favorite books so I will make it short so this story isn’t five million pages long. This is the gist of it, however, I wish I could on forever and get lost in this fantasy. It all starts with the “mist”. People who can see the mist have a special power that they are unaware of yet. They only find out about the mist and their powers when the reach the age of 16. When they reach the age of 16, a star will appear on top of their forehead, only visible to them and those who can see the mist. Once you receive the star, they will be taken to a special school and are taught what their power is and how to control it. Their power can either be water, fire, earth or air. However, there is one person born every 100 years who can control all the powers of water, earth, air and fire. If you can control all of these powers, you are called the high Priestess, however, doing any wrong can rid you of these powers, wrongs that are considered sins like murder of your own kind. Later on in the story and in the books, there comes a powerful evil being named Kronos (based on Greek mythology). The high Priestess must use her powers and her friends to beat the evil spirit and banish him to hell. However, things go very wrong and things take a turn for the worse, the high Priestess best friend dies. She now must travel to the eternal high Priestess with much greater powers than herself and sacrifice something to get her best friend back. She gets her friend back and then goes onto the path again to destroy the most evil being of all. Once she does this, all good will be restored to the world, yet again.


How to teach fantasy novels to children:

There are many ways to teach fantasy novels to young children. I have chosen 2nd grade to teach a fantasy novel to.  In this lesson, students will read the world of Stellaluna. Students will work in teams to create a Venn Diagram noting where the author uses realistic and fantastic elements to create a story where the reader can make personal connections with characters that aren’t human. Then students will brainstorm of what makes a good animal fantasy story, which will be graded on a student-generated rubric. Students will then make personal connections with the animals of their choosing and imaging their main character. Students will then write a personal letter to the animal in their fantasy story. Finally, students will brainstorm the four elements of fiction on a graphic organizer and write their own fantasy story including all the elements of a fantasy story. This lesson you can do with any fantasy story and mix it up to make it your own. Students in the end should be able to create their own fantasy story in which ever way they choose to.

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