Biography Module

I was the age of four when my uncle has passed away from HIV. I was really young but I still feel his presence and remember going to his parties in Boston every weekend, remembering the good memories. I know I was young but I can vividly remember these events for some reason. He has a great impact on my life because of my mother. He was her best friend, bother and companion. He had influenced my life so greatly and all the stories that I have heard base around one thing, have fun in life. Michael always had parties, enjoyed the night life and most importantly, loved his family. I wish he was still alive today to see all of my accomplishments and downfalls and to wish me luck, congrats and give me advice when things don’t seem to go your way. However, I know he is up there somewhere looking down and wishing me the best of luck.

The three cumulative steps were interesting to read about. The first step is learning about fictionalized biographies, this includes the learning about things like our history such as Helen Keller. The second step was learning about Helen Keller. This includes researching her life and writing about her life and about what you learned. The third step consisted of writing fictionalized biographies. I think spending time on a subject could be beneficial but it depends on the subject, the teacher and the students. Some pros would be that the students will be familiar with the subject, gain a lot of information/knowledge regarding the subject and maybe be able to teach the subject to someone else (like the expert jigsaw groups). Some cons include spending too much time on the subject so students will be bored and not interested and having students not care to learn the subject. Teachers can also be a con, some teachers will choose not to teach the subject based on students interests or differentiation.

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