Informational Paper on Fantasy Genre

When I was younger, I loved reading fantasy books with my mother. Some children read the tales and fables but my mom read Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia to me. They let me imagine alternate worlds, crazy talking animals, flying books, and the most dramatic problems and solutions. While Harry Potter was fantasy, it also was informational and told great examples about life. This books creates a sense of imagination in children and excite them to read more fantasy books that spark their interest. As a genre, fantasy includes events occurring outside the ordinary laws that happen in our world. Magic is their central topic and usually involves journeys and quests that the three best friends endure with each other. There are three main ways that these elements can be integrated within a story. The first is making sure your entire world is fantasy, imagination and creativity. Another is starting the story off in the real world and with fantasy elements move into the fantasy world. For example, in Harry Potter, he starts off with his Aunt and Uncle in the real world. He had no idea about wizards and witches and the evil forces looking for him. After his birthday, things started going funky and he got a letter inviting him to Hogwarts, that is when the fantasy elements start to take over and move out of the real world setting and into the magical setting of Harry Potter. The last way is by setting the story in the real world but including elements of fantasy and magic within. Another advantage of fantasy stories is it has limitless boundaries. Fantasy books can never have enough freedom, using as much as imagination as you can wish for. The author can freely use any ideas that come to mind and use this to interest it’s readers.

Fantasy books can easily be used in schools as it reaches the imagination and interest in different students. This can be very helpful to students who don’t like or have an interest in reading. Along with reading, fantasy can be integrated into a lot of lessons, like killing two birds with one stone. Fantasy novels can be used for writing tasks and prompts, allowing free range of students imagination. Fantasy is an interesting, engaging, and fun genre for kids. You can learn about story elements using a fantasy story so it’s fun and doesn’t seem like your learning because students are so interested. Fantasy story’s can be incorporated into numerous lessons. Teachers should allow the option of using fantasy books for students as a means of differentiation. Teachers can introduce the genre into their classes by having them chose an object or anything in the classroom and use it to create a fantasy story. Another way you can use fantasy is creating an ending, setting, characters or any other fantasy element that can be altered to display a fantasy story. Students can even tell a fantasy story like being in a magical world or falling down a hole and meeting talking animals. Imagination is key when teaching fantasy to students.

Getting these activities into the classroom can be very simple, you can create a story, read a fantasy novel, or even introduce language that correlate with fantasy books. Ask your students to imagine and use creativity can support a fantasy environment. Fantasy should be brought into the classroom and everyone should be willing to discuss all the creative ideas students think of.

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